Remdesivir Anti-viral (Auxzalp)

Each Vial contains:  Sterile lyophilized Remdesivir 100mg

DosageAs directed by physician, supplied with 10ml of sterile sodim chloride injection.

Storage: Store below 25°C protected from light




Auxzalp is a human prescription drug that  was invented by our manufacturer and licensed by the competent licensing authority. The generic name of Auxzalp is Remdesivir. The corresponding patent number is 202021045737 and the drug license number is NB-Z/08/42 & NNZ/2013-78. Auxzalp contains Remdesivir which is the only antiviral drug known to have obvious impact on the recovery of serious Covid-19 patients. The product is being filed for licensing in a number  of ICH countries like USA, Japan, and EU.

CAUTION: Blood tests before starting the treatment is important. During the course of treatment also blood tests to evaluate the concentration of structural and enzymatic proteins in the blood is recommended.

**Auxzalp is not available for sale or use within the United States**